Hotel Lunatic, where children run things! Workshop plus visual location performance in which children and parents play together

HOTEL LUNATIC is a magical hotel full of weird figures, creatures and places. It is run by girls and boys. They are cook, chambermaid, receptionist, manager and sponge diver. The hotel guests are these kids’ parents. They are welcomed in a unique and unexpected way. Since the kids run the hotel, they make the rules. The childen challenge their parents and other grown-ups to break the boring rules and leave the logic of everyday life behind. They are expected to release control and show their vulnerability without feeling ashamed.
In HOTEL LUNATIC nothing is what it seems.

Every child desires to become a grown-up, every adult still dreams of being a child again. A short stay at this unique hotel can be liberating, for the young as well as the old.

After KLEINE RODE EVA Beeldsmederij DE MAAN once again uses a refreshing ‘format’. This time we have children and parents play and improvise together, on location no less. 

HOTEL LUNATIC is two things in one: first a workshop in which the children are assigned their roles in the hotel and learn how to improvise. This workshop is followed by a performance in which parents (and other adults) will be invited to play the guests at the hotel.

Keep an eye on the school holidays of 2020 because our hotel may open in your neighbourhood. On 7th March, during the crocus holiday, Hotel Lunatic will open its doors in Aarschot in cooperation with CC Het Gasthuis during Big Bad Wolf Festival!

Concept, direction and workshop leader: Patricia Goemaere | Artistic advice: Stef De Paepe | Guides: Patricia Goemaere and a drama teacher | Production: beeldsmederij DE MAAN


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