beeldsmederij DE MAAN
A musical and visual journey of discovery in a world where things that had been discarded find new meaning.

Bertrand is made of plastic
Bertrand wants to be everything, except being made of plastic. Being made of plastic isn’t nice. Bertrand wants to be authentic.
Like François, his wooden chair.
Or like Angelique, the downy diva bathrobe.

With an army of ugly object-friends he sets off, ready for battle, looking for beauty in their seemingly empty world. 

The uniquely amazing imagination of Valerie Leroy and Leentje Kerremans, virtuoso designers in the world of theatre, television and film, becomes the heart of an exceptional performance.

Valerie and Leentje’s use their love of costumes, props, strange objects and the curiosity of young children, to create an extraordinary visual performance in which everything is valued for what it really is.
Rubber bands become musical instruments. Worm-out shoes turn into foul smelling monsters.
A heap of discarded cuddly toys grows into a singing octopus. Even mummy's broken electric toothbrush is hiding a secret that no one has been able to reveal!


 Concept en creation: Valerie Leroy en Leentje Kerremans | Coaching: Stef De Paepe en Johan De Smet / Players: Michiel Soete & Nona Demey | Music: Janko Beckers | Production: KOPERGIETERY, KGbe & Beeldsmederijn DE MAAN

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