50 min.

What has been discarded comes back to life.
What has been shoved aside, is welcome again.
What no longer has a life, is given back its soul.

Costume designers Leentje Kerremans and Valerie Le Roy both love the beauty and humour of everyday ‘silly’ things. Together with theatre makers Michiel Soete, Nona Demey and  musician Janko Beckers they go fishing for secret disguises and double lives in an ocean of seemingly useless objects. What surfaces is a highly visual show that will most definitely arouse young kids’ curiosity.

CONCEPT & CREATION: Leentje Kerremans, Valerie Le Roy
ACTORS: Nona Demey Gallagher, Michiel Soete  COACHING: Stef De Paepe, Johan De Smet   COSTUMES: Leentje Kerremans, Valerie Le Roy, Elise Goedgezelschap  MUSIC: Janko Beckers   TECHNIQUE: Dominique Defossez, Diederik De Cock, Jonas De Wulf, Jeroen Doise, Sebastien Van Huffel PRODUCTION: DE MAANKOPERGIETERY & KGbe 


Valerie Le Roy & Leentje Kerremans met each other on set. Their professional paths cross regularly. When they both needed a place to work they decided to rent a studio together. Working together in one space eventually led to them sharing a multitude of visual ideas and resulted in a collaborative show.

Valerie Le Roy studied Dramaturgy and Theatre Costume Design. She has worked for film & television (amongst others Bevergem, Cargo, Home, Ventoux) as well as the stage (amongst others for Theater Antigone, BRONKS, KOPERGIETERY). She recently worked on Loopstation (Ontroerend Goed), Zon Dag Kind (TAZ) and Invisible (kabinet k). This season she can be seen in Craquelé (Studio Orka), België Ondertiteld (BRONKS) and the film Mijn vader is een saucisse (Anouk Fortunier).

Leentje Kerremans graduated as Master in Visual Arts in 2008 from Sint-Lucas Gent. Her artistic experience and knowledge of materials steered her in the direction of costume design, where she combines her gloriously idiosyncratic idiom with a generous dash of surrealism. Alongside working for film and television, she also worked as a freelance costumier for theatre companies including Laika, KOPERGIETERY, Froefroe, De Vieze Gasten, Antigone, Vooruit and Het Paleis. In 2016, while working in residence at CCTer Dilft, she helped Janko Beckers devise the whacky musical/visual project The Golden Tieger.

Theatre maker Michiel Soete graduated from RITCS. These last few years he has worked, amongst others, with Theater Antigone (Corta Rica), Laika (Aromagic, Piknik Horrifik), Kaaitheater (Capsaikin), Villanella (Mieren slapen nooit), Jozef Wouters and Nele Vereecken. Last season he co-created Park Katrol (KOPERGIETERY).

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