70 min.
An ode to the vulnerable side of man

A theatrical serenade of tears
A kiss hard as concrete
Shrieking shoes
A gigantic head full of gloom
Limp arms and uncontrollable giggles

In O O O, emotion is central.

On a round platform, four players set out to explore what they feel, but cannot always translate into words. In several short acts they bring an ode to our inner world. They make visual poems that go straight to the heart, move you and make you laugh at the same time.

In O O O failure turns into poetry. Melancholy and humour become emotions presented as works of art.


Theatre maker Jef Van Gestel also makes drawings. In O O O he brings them to life through 4 actors. In 2016 Jef already researched the unique world of O O O at the Utrecht acting school (HKU). Now at DE MAAN he shows a sequel: a playful performance full of delicious melancholy!

Director Jef Van gestel | Actors Kim Karssen, Lars Brinkman, Roel Swanenberg, Jonathan Linga | Figures Jef Van gestel, Katinka Heremans, Paul Contryn | Music Ruben Nachtergaele | Costumes Wim Muyllaert | Scenography Stéphane Vloebergh | Light design and technician Dominique Defossez  | Co-production: DE MAAN, Perpodium | Thanks to de taxshelter van de Belgische Federale Overheid & Cronos Invest 



Calender O O O

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