DE MAAN and Nat Gras
50 min.
A musical, wordless dance performance with splendid characters made of felt.

A young man uses the wood from his small cottage to make meters-high stilts, and goes out into the world. He walks high above the tops of a vast pine forest, wades through the endless depths of the Pacific Ocean. In the Grand Canyon all is bright orange, at the North Pole, all is icy blue.

Snorkelers, monkeys, mountain climbers, mermaids … The stilt walker meets the craziest of characters during his fantastic journey through the world. And he arrives home safely in the end. Much richer, much wiser, his world and himself much brighter and more colourful than before.

After the book of the same name by Mattias De Leeuw (winner of 2013 Boekenpluim award).

A co-production of DE MAAN and Nat Gras, after the picture book of the same by Mattias De Leeuw Direction Goele Van Dijck and Paul Contryn Choreography Goele Van Dijck Creation and acting Miguel Do Vale and Martina Griewank Scenography and puppets Paul Contryn Composition Frank Vaganée Production coordination Kosmonaut Production co-production P2 – cultural centre Hasselt and Theater a/h Vrijthof Maastricht with the support of inter-Limburg subsidies.

Calender 2014 - THE STILT WALKER

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