50 min.
A ballad about growing up and the tonnes of love it requires.

Ninny and Ninny-Hammer are two owlets. Orphans. Mother has been kidnapped by a sparrowhawk and father too. Father had barely enough time to ask Appelaar (yes indeed, an apple tree) to look after Ninny and Ninny-Hammer. And so Appelaar becomes a bit mother and a bit father to Ninny and Ninny-Hammer. 

Ninny wants to learn to fly as quickly as possible. While Appelaar sleeps, she sees her chance. Ninny-Hammer wants to stop her, but … too late. Ninny falls and lies lifeless on the ground. And at just that moment, Sparrowhawk is hungry. 

Will Ninny be saved? Appelaar takes a decision you wouldn't think possible ... 


[… ] A successful and refreshing production, with an easygoing narrative style and ample stimuli for the imagination. Although De Maan is a puppet theatre - the visual medium par excellence - for the final scene a choice was made for audio only (in surround sound!) to tell how both birds spread their wings. Sound is the new image! (COBRA.BE, ***1/2) 

Attention: This production makes use of a stroboscope. 


Text Raf Walschaerts based on a story by Ariane Sonck Direction Stef De Paepe Acting Kelly De Mol and Thomas Van Caeneghem Appelaar's voice Raf Walschaerts and Greet Jacobs Appelaar Reinhilde Ardies of Chris Laureys Puppets Paul Contryn, Lieve Van Luyck and Marijke Van den Acker (stage) Scenography Stef De Paepe, Paul Contryn and Stéphane Vloebergh Theatre technology Dominique Defossez Decor implementation Stéphane Vloebergh With thanks to Laika, Het Speelgoedmuseum and the Antwerp Zoo


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