7+ EN 16+
60 min.
A cross between a radio play, installation, and puppet and multimedia theatre, with a thriller slant.



LITTLE RED EVA is a production truly meant for children and truly meant for adults. An exceptional theatre experience in which adults and children see the same thing but experience it differently thanks to the use of separate headphones. 


LITTLE RED EVA tells the story of the disappearance of a little girl. For the adults, the production takes as starting point the prose poem ‘Kleine Eva uit de Kromme Bijlstraat’ and a monologue from ‘Eenzaam spelen met Pompon’ by Louis Paul Boon. For the children, a story is told that contains recognisable ingredients and characters from the world-renown fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood reforged into a witty and dark urban parable. In KLEINE RODE EVA, the girl with the red hood is not a lifeless fairytale character, but a girl of flesh and blood. In her youthful growth to maturity, she is only too happy to leave the beaten path, and goes missing. Is she perhaps in the belly of Mr. Wolf? 


“The mix of genres and disciplines from high and low culture is refreshing: references to rap, cartoons and popular series such as CSI merge with the cultural heritage of Grimm and Boon.” (DE MORGEN, ***) 

“More than a multi-layered experiment in double narration, LITTLE RED EVA presents wide-screen puppet theatre. The montage is that of a radio play, the images and symbols cover our entire historical and contemporary visual culture.” (DE STANDAARD, ****) 



Concept, direction and text for children Stef De Paepe Text for adults Louis Paul Boon Acting Benjamin Op de Beeck, Femke Stallaert and Celine Verbeeck Soundscape, music and voice montage Bram Bosteels Puppets and models Paul Contryn Animation, video and models Laura Vandewynckel and Marijke Van den Acker (stage) Voices by among others Gène Bervoets, Tania Van der Sanden … Scenography Stef De Paepe, Paul Contryn and Stéphane Vloebergh Technology Dominique Defossez and Stéphane Vloebergh Voice recordings Studio Sakuran With thanks to de Warande

Calender 2014 - LITTLE RED EVA

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