90 min.
Visual, dynamic documentary theatre. Testimonies about and by youth. Black youth.

“Every time I see a street child, my heart goes out. Such a child is a part of our future. We are putting the future of this country on the street.” (Imelda Kulanga Kupula, midwife). 

FUTUR SIMPLE paints a harrowing series of portraits of Congolese youth, combined with a tight visual language that draws from the Congolese Tshokwe culture. A production with a deep human-rights slant, without trying to moralise.

A production about the almost epic battle for a better life that young people fight, whether a taekwondoka, a child soldier or a breakdancer from Kinshasa.

Or about a not-so-simple future in which one dances, makes music and sings, a performance about hope and love, based on true stories. The exact opposite of the stereotype of Africa, without denying its harsh reality.

Playful, loud, energetic, gripping. Like any young person. Wherever they may live. 

Stef De Paepe uses the production to give form to his fascination with Congo, where he – in collaboration with RITCS – gives workshops at the ETL, the École de Théâtre de Lubumbashi. 

With this production, image foundry DE MAAN gives concrete expression to its aim to bring more colour to the stage and to present performances for youth.

FUTUR SIMPLE is a coproduction with OP.RECHT.MECHELEN.

After 'Futur Simple'  by Koen Vidal and Stephan Vanfleteren and other texts.
Direction Stef De Paepe Performance Gorges Ocloo, Abigail Abraham, Eric Kabongo and Aminata Demba Composition Gorges Ocloo Masks Paul Contryn | Light designer & technician  Stéphane Vloeberg  | Dance advicor  Charlotte Goesaert  | Costume design & scenographical advisor  Lies Maréchal  | Production manager  Britt De Jonghe 
Thanks to ETL, Ecole de Théâtre de Lubumbashi and RITCS , School of Arts.

Calender 2017 - FUTUR SIMPLE

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