50 min.
Welcome to the world where floating souls, wandering dead and exciting ghosts feel at home. No horror, no creepiness, no frightening creatures, but maximum excitement! Without words.

Two figures find themselves in a kind of afterlife.
Or so they think.
Where do we actually end up after we die? Is it a fun place?
And are we really dead or do we just imagine we are?

SPOKEN' is a performance by the young theatre maker Christiaan Mariman, vaguely inspired by Tim Burton's film 'Beetlejuice'.
With an intoxicating soundtrack by Pepijn Caudron!

Concept and direction Christiaan Mariman | Play Michelle Peters, Jens Slootmans and Christiaan Mariman | Technician Dominique Defossez | Music Pepijn Caudron | Coaches Stef De Paepe and Pepijn Caudron | Costumes and figures coach Paul Contryn Production DE MAAN

Calender 2018 - GHOSTS (SPOKEN)

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