beeldsmederij DE MAAN
50 min.
A visual, wordless production in which two dancers find themselves in some kind of hereafter.

We’re all going to die sometime.
But where do we end up afterwards?
Is it nice there?
And are we really dead or do we only imagine we are?

Welcome to a world where floating souls, wandering dead and thrilling ghosts feel at home. No horror, no creepiness, but excitement at fever pitch!

Concept and direction Christiaan Mariman | Acting Michelle Peters, Jens Slootmans en Christiaan Mariman | Technician Dominique Defossez | Music Pepijn Caudron | Coach Stef De Paepe en Pepijn Caudron | Costume and figures coach Paul Contryn  | in collaboration with RITCS, school of arts

Calender GHOSTS (9+)

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