Beeldsmederij DE MAAN
60 min.
A playful, visual performance in which two aliens analyse humanity

Where are they from?
Dunno, but I'm sure they're not from around here.

Two extraterrestrials explain the strange behaviour and fascinating customs of humankind! Why do people stand in line at the amusement park for hours, to then be shaken up in wild rides, and return home sick to their stomachs, hoarse from all the screaming?

FNALLY, the HUMAN project is presented to you.

Greet Jacobs and Femke Stallaert, having gradually earned their place as veterans of the “dramatic company” of DE MAAN (RAYA, KLEINE RODE EVA [LITTLE RED EVA], BONTE NACHT [COLOURFUL NIGHT], UILSKUIKEN EN TAKKELING [NINNY AND BRANCHES]), climb into the skin of extraterrestrials, but in fact they just want to talk about us humans.

Concept, text and play: Femke Stallaert en Greet Jacobs/Nathalie Goossens | Figures: Paul Contryn, Katinka Heremans |  Costumes: Jot Fau | Scenography: Stéphane Vloebergh  | Light designer and technician: Dominique Defossez | end Director: Filip Bilsen | Artistic advice: Stef De Paepe