image foundry for children and youngsters

DE MAAN makes visual theatre for young audiences, addressing them in a grown-up way. It's is an open house, deeply rooted in the puppet and figure theatre, which is exploring the wider boundaries of visual performances. All the choices we make, in scenery as well as in makers, should be adventurous. DE MAAN does not aim to ignore the poetic and direct character of the figure theatre, but wishes to consider it as one of many possible starting points for its performances. Therefore we call ourselves ‘an image foundry’ from now on.

DE MAAN works with established theatre professionals, but also wishes to offer opportunities to young theatre makers and help them on their way. It has developed a specific tool called JONG GOUD (young gold), a name inspired by the golden cube around the small theatre, which can be used for research and experiment.

DE MAAN's activities usually take place at its home base in Mechelen, but it also tours in Belgium and abroad.

Image foundry DE MAAN wants to reach both children and grown-ups. It wants to surprise and fascinate them, make them wonder and think, all at the same time, by telling good stories and showing unexpected and touching images.  We are living in times of hybrids, crossovers and mixed forms. DE MAAN wishes to help dictate the direction these trends are taken. It aims at providing theatre makers, actors and designers with a creative environment where they can exchange ideas in a world in which more and more people seem to become self-centered.

Audiences are offered a variety of experiences: rich, multi-layered and adventurous. We often question the traditional perspectives, which enriches the traditional way of watching theatre performances and turns it into a new and more encompassing experience. DE MAAN is constantly trying to find varying and more exciting relationships with its audiences.

As a result of the increasing diversity in our society, more and more cooperation with artists with a migration background will be initiated. Keeping our finger on the pulse of time will help us approach new developments with an open mind. If  the theatre continues to claim to be a reflection of society, this will prove to be more than necessary.

The press usually labels the performances of DE MAAN ‘groundbreaking’, ‘innovating’,’novel’, ‘sparkling’, so let’s keep up the good work.  Nothing new under the sun. Under ‘the moon’ on the contrary…